What Sets Us Apart


Specialized Pediatric Dentistry Care

  • Dr. Correa has additional specialty training in the areas of growth and development, child psychology and behavior management, advanced restorative and sedation techniques, and hospital dentistry.
  • In addition to dental school, Dr. Correa has undergone an additional dentistry residency in order to earn the specialization of pediatric dentistry. In other words, he is trained to care for children from infancy to adolescence much like a pediatrician. Many dentists at “kids dental” practices may not have graduated from an accredited pediatric dental specialty program.
  • We have extensive experience in pediatric hospital care to children who have special medical or behavioral needs such as autism, ADHD, cerebral palsy, craniofacial abnormalities, and syndromes.

State of the Art Technology

Dr. Correa uses the latest techniques and technology to make sure that your child has the best pediatric dentistry care available.

  • Digital x-rays that allow for up to 90% less radiation that conventional film
  • Intra-oral cameras allow for improved diagnostic and visualization of decay
  • Mercury-free resin (white) fillings and esthetic white crowns are available
  • Computerized Charting and Billing systems for streamlined visits
  • Sterilization techniques and equipment that meet or exceed OSHA guidelines

Sedation Options and Hospital Dentistry

Our office offers the latest in sedation options and hospital dentistry. We know that sometimes, kids have a tough time with dental procedures. To that end, we office various services to help them get through their procedures in the most comfortable way possible.

  • Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)
    • Nitrous oxide is an odorless, colorless gas that is mixed with oxygen and is a mild inhalation sedative.
    • This gas is administered via nasal mask that is used to calm dental anxiety for a mildly fearful child and to promote a more positive dental experience.
  • General Anesthesia Services
    • General anesthesia is indicated for our severely anxious or apprehensive children or those who have extensive dental decay to protect their developing psyche.
    • Our office provides for both the option of in-office or hospital general anesthesia. Many times, medical insurances will authorize and cover the anesthesia in the hospital setting for the purposes of extensive dental decay and/or for medical indications.
    • Dr. Correa holds hospital privileges and performs dentistry services for both healthy children and those with special needs at Children’s Hospital Orange County.

Child and Family Oriented Environment

We make sure that children have a great experience at our office and continue to want to visit the dentist every six months. Don’t be surprised to hear your child ask if it’s time to “go see Dr. Eddie.”

  • Video games and flat screen TVs with the latest children’s movies help entertain and make your kid’s dental visit fun.
  • We welcome and encourage parents to be with their child during the appointment to observe the interaction between our doctor and staff with your child.
  • Our office has the charm and comfort of Old Towne Orange and is designed to feel more like you are in a friendly home than a typical dental office

Focus on Prevention

Our office is focused on preventing dental issues by preventative dental care. This means that we start seeing children early in life, and continue to build relationships with them until they reach adulthood.

  • Our office as well as the American Academy of Pediatric Dentists and American Academy of Pediatricians recommend having a child’s first dental exam occur when the first tooth erupts and no later than one year of age.
  • Your child will receive an individual preventive dental plan emphasizing diet, hygiene, and addressing caries risk factors at an early age in order to increase the likelihood of future cavity-free check-ups and allow the child to have comfortable, fun visits each and every time.
  • We have a dedicated hygiene area that reinforces proper oral hygiene instruction and nutritional counseling to develop these healthy habits.

Through our extra training, state-of-the-art technology, sedation options, fun environment and our focus on preventative pediatric dentistry – we set ourselves apart from other kids dentists. If you want your children to have the best pediatric dental care available, contact us and make an appointment today.

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